About Polytron

Polytron owns the exclusive rights to a proprietary and revolutionary ‘Next Generation’ lubrication technology that can significantly reduce harmful exhaust pollutants while increasing fuel efficiency and overall performance. By reducing friction, Polytron improves the efficiency of your equipment; allow more complete fuel combustion thereby releasing more energy, while reducing harmful emissions.

Our Mission

We are committed to provide the most effective solutions for lubrication, engine additives and concentrates for treatment of integrated professional services experience. We provide the latest top product of technologies for treatments engine lubrication and improve fuel combustion.

Polytron products guarantee

Polytron lubricants are a unique 100% guaranteed pure petroleum-based metal treatment that is compatible with all motor oils, including synthetics as well as hydraulic and transmission fluids. Polytron is not intended to replace the oil in your engine or the fluid in your transmission. Engine oil, for example, contains a package of oil additives designed to perform a variety of tasks crucial to engine performance.